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Read this post, if you are interested to apply for driving license in the UK. The processes involved have been briefly explained in this short write up.

How to apply for provisional driving license?

If you are about to reach 17 years of age within next 3 months then you will be eligible for applying for provisional driving licence for driving car.

Those who want to drive motorcycle then you can drive at the age of 16 and apply for provisional driving licence at the age of 3 months less than 16 years.

To apply for provisional driving licence, it is necessary that you must be UK resident and must meet minimum age criteria and the eyesight requirement. If you are wearing glasses or any contact lenses then while driving you must compulsorily wear them.

You must have valid ID proof and national insurance for applying for provisional licence online.

Rules of driving with provisional driving licence

  1. There must be someone accompanying the provisional driver who should have valid licence.
  2. Person accompanying must sit on front passenger seat to supervise.
  3. Person accompanying must be of minimum 21 years old
  4. There must be “L” displayed on the vehicle
  5. Not allowed to drive on high way

Clear your theory driving test

After you have learnt basic skills of driving then you must apply for theory test UK to obtain valid driving licence. You need to pay necessary fee to appear for the driving test through credit/debit card.

Before you appear for practical driving test, it is essential that you must clear theory test for driving.

Practical driving test

After you have successfully cleared your theory test, the driving instructor will first ensure that you have achieved sufficient amount of proficiency in actual driving on the road.

If your instructor is reasonably sure that you can drive well then you must book online for appearing in practical driving test.

There is a government website where you must book online and in order to appear for your driving test you need to pay a fee of £62.00 for any week day.

In case, you want to book for your driving test on any of the weekend or on bank holiday then your fee will be increased to £75.00.

Categories for driving licence

There are different categories of driving licence.

  1. For driving motor cycle
  2. For driving light vehicles like car
  3. For driving heavy vehicle like lorry and bus

Required medical condition

In order to be eligible for obtaining driving licence, there are few medical conditions that are needed. Certain medical conditions may not be allowed to drive on the road.

In case, you develop certain medical condition after obtaining your driving licence then you are supposed to inform the authority.

Failing to do may attract penalty or even you can be prosecuted too in case you are involved in certain accident.

If your doctor declares that you are unfit for driving then you must surrender your driving licence.

People who are suffering from epilepsy or seizures are not eligible to obtain driving licence. Also, your eyesight must be normal after using your glass or contact lens.