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Wheels are one of the biggest considerations when it comes to choosing any car. If you are planning to buy a Ford F 100 vehicle, then we are providing you some important facts and questionnaire related to its wheels. Learning about this information will definitely make you more informed about your Ford F 100 vehicle and help you make the right purchase.

Interesting things to know about Ford F100

The F100 wheels and tires come with the best finish that would surely be appreciated by people. They are available as black wheels and alloy wheels. You can get them in varying sizes from 17 inches, 20 inches and 22 inches wheels. These are the popularly searched dimensions for a car wheel on search engines.

Some frequently asked questions on cars

What are the effects caused by flat wheels?

“Fat lip” or “deep dish” wheels present on front wheel drive creates a deep appearance. “Rolled” or altered fenders enable lower or wider offset wheels to fit in the walls of the fender. Fenders can even assist in fitting low-offset and wide wheels. Ensure to check for chassis, suspension clearance and footwell prior to settling for different and uncommon wheel fitment.

f100 wheels and tires

Is “stretched tire” dangerous?

Some car users tell that their tire is giving them a stretched look. They want to know whether it is risky for them to drive with such tires. To them, car manufacturing firms advise to stay within the recommended limits of the tire manufacturer. When it is done within limits, then it offers safety to the rider to run narrower than usual tires.

What are the negative effects of driving car with a “staggered” wheel setup?

Staggered wheel and tires are nowadays common. The only disadvantage of these types of tires is that they are unable to be rotated. Also, there is a very little possibility of greater understeer because of increased backend grip. If your vehicle is an all-wheel drive, then it is important to ensure that the rear and front diameter of the car is same. This will prevent any damage in your all-wheel drive system.

What is the right way to read the side wall of a tire?

There is a lot of important information mentioned on the side wall of the tire. Many users without proper knowledge are incapable of reading it. This information is stated as the size of the tire, and P225/45ZR-17 94W.

Here the character P designates a “passenger car tire”. In case of light trucks, “LT” is mentioned. Now the next thing “225”, denotes the width of the tread. It is measured in the form of millimeters.

“45″ is denoted as the “aspect ratio” of the vehicle that is preceded by a “division slash”. “Z” shows that a tire is able to be driven at speeds more than 149mph. W and Y are the ratings that 168 and 186mph respectively. Both these ratings when added comprehensively describes the given maximum capability of a tire. “R” informs the consumer that their vehicle has a radial tire.


The wheels of For F 100 are peculiar and specific. Not every type the wheel can easily fit any Ford F100 vehicle. There are several different types of patterns for a wheel that can make it hard to shop for it.