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The great historical city of Ancient Egypt has always been a must to visit destination for tourists all around the world. Like any other travel destination get to know the time to visit Memphis, so as to enjoy the place touring spots to full extent.

Travelers can learn more about Memphis best months to visit log on to their travels and tours websites. Through online links you can even book tickets of the tourist places located in or near the historical city, Memphis.

Months suitable to visit Memphis:

The time to enjoy the whole city offerings to its tourists is the months of April, May and June. This is the time when flowers in the gardens and museums situated around the whole city are in full bloom. The weather is mild, as the hot days of summer are yet to arrive.

Spring and fall are the best seasons perfect to visit the city as temperature never rises above 50s and the plus point is no humidity to endure. You can go for hikes, travel by bikes and visit the splendid gardens boosting the cheerfulness of the city.

In the month of May you can enjoy Memphis month long festivals. There are multiple events to enjoy and meanwhile know more about Memphis tradition and culture.

Highlights of Memphis festivals in the month of May:

  • The Beale Street music festival goes in for three days when guests excitement reaches quite high while dancing to the Rock’ n’ Roll music. During the time many worldwide famous musicians perform on the grand décor Memphis city platforms. Even legendry musician’s songs are played to woo the whole crowd to dance and enjoy the rhythms. Some of the known stars performed frequently are Ed Sheeran, Beck, Van Morrison and many other worldwide top ranking musical artists.
  • The world famous BBQ cooking contest is unique in its own as there will be thousands of cooking enthusiasts participating in the contest. There will be millions of foodies preferring to visit Memphis to taste the lots of variety in Barbeque dishes. There are ample cash prizes and rewards offering by big foodie joints famous all over the world.
  • The whole month speaks of cultural celebration put forth by natives of the country enthusiastically. The whole city is quite colorful to watch and every city brims with the joy of the locals as well as their guest to celebrate the month long celebrations.
  • The whole festival ends with the Great American River Run Half Marathon. The marathon is open for all, thus athletics worldwide like to participate.

Months not suitable to visit Memphis:

For every traveler, the climate of the foreign touring spots needs to be perfect for sightseeing.  The month of July and August isn’t good to tour Memphis. It is quite hot, followed by humid weather. Even locals prefer to stay indoors during those months.

January isn’t preferable for people will not like chilly winds and the humid climate. There is the possibility of ice and snow fall in the cold months. However, in the cold season the temperature will be below 50s, an ideal time to visit the highlighted tourist point city as to offer for its visitors.