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The word ‘Luggage tag’ may sound old fashioned and not apt to the modern trendy luggage accessories. However, their beneficial features make even young travelers rethink of using luggage tags.

What exactly are luggage tags?

Luggage tag is an accessory helping to identify individual’s luggage with ease. It can be of any material, can be even customized in accordance to one’s preference. The tags are easily available in shops to be tied or fixed on the handles of luggage items.

Shying away to tie or fix the personalized luggage tags often leads to many issues while travelling. The main reason behind people not preferring to have the tags is because it looks awkward. However, if you think wisely, the luggage tags will enhance the appearance of your chosen luggage.

Know the basic reasons for people finding luggage tags quite useful while travelling:

  • Minimize the chances of luggage being lost. As you can easily identify your luggage with the tags while in airport luggage collecting unit or in train station.
  • You can identify your luggage quickly without any confusion thus saves time. Your luggage shows apart from the rest of the luggage, thus you identify them quickly even from far distance. You don’t lose any time in collecting them.
  • Most often in the airport luggage collecting place, travelers may pick someone else is picking their luggage. It happens as most of the luggage’s outer appearance is similar. This can be totally avoided by tying the tags to your luggage handles to identify your own goods.
  • Most of the tags attached to your travelling gear have contact details, thus unfortunately your luggage gets misplaced the tags will help the authorities to deliver to the owner.
  • There is less chance of your baggage being stolen as miscreants will think twice before picking up your things while you are travelling.

There are many facts you need to consider while ordering customized luggage tags. This will help your baggage tags to look distinct and easy to identify as yours.

Here are the facts to understand:

  • If possible print your official address on the tag instead of home contact details. Thus no one will have access or misuse your home address.
  • It will be beneficial to have water proof tags, thus the written info won’t get smudged.
  • Don’t buy the usual baggage tags available in shop as they are cheap and easily available in many numbers. Try to have unique looking tags, quite bright in color to be viewed easily from a distance.
  • Always carry added tags with you as one can tag it again, if the used one gets misplaced.

You can customize the tags easily like the favorite cartoon of your children painted with different colors. You can have crafty tags easy to do at home. Presently, travelers prefer to have embroidered and crocheted baggage tags as they are quite elegant, easy to tag and available quite cost effectively. While surfing online you can come across many crafters ready to provide luggage tags customized as per your preference at reasonable price.