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Miami is a popular destination in the US that is rated high by travelers worldwide. The city has a lot to offer in the day as well as at night. You can have all-night fun, great place to entertain your friends, perfect weather the whole year and wonderful gastronomy for foodies.

The nightlife of Miami is quite exciting as there are lots of activities programmed on the Beaches, restaurants and in nightclubs. You can enjoy live music shows, dance all night in nightclubs, enjoy delicious food in popular restaurants, shop around Beachfront and have a great jolly time on the shores of the ocean.

Some of the exciting things to do in Miami at night:

  • You can have night tours of the outstanding Miami streets – There are tours arranged by well-known tour providers like Big Bus. In the dark hours, you can visualize the whole city adorned with beautiful colorful lightings. You can even get free entry passes to some of the best food joints to taste the local delicious food.
  • The magic of lights on Art Deco buildings – In the evening hours walk around the Ocean Drive to watch the changing colors of the buildings while enjoying Latin music played in the restaurants and the bars outside. Numerous tourists love to visit the place in the early evening hours to watch the hundreds of neon lights shining all the way.
  • Miami sunset is one of the awesome sights not to miss while on your visit. In order to experience such a breathtaking view best favorable way is to take a cruise. You can cruise through many touring spots like Biscayne Bay, Port of Miami, Fish Island, Millionaire’s Row, and Miami Beach.
  • You can enjoy air tours while the city is dazzling with thousands of kinds of light under the dark sky. You can even view within an hour the aerial view of the whole city and the moon reflection on Biscayne Bay.
  • Enjoy the amazing artwork at night in Miami Art District – If you are lucky you can even avail free passes of Coral Gallery on the first Friday of every month. Even locals enjoy the walk on the paths of Wynwood on second Saturdays. There will be numerous food stalls and small shops along with the art displayed on the streets. On Thursday nights, you can enjoy guided art walk tours and double your enjoyment by using GoMiami card.
  • Spend exciting night hours in nightclubs – The five-star rated ambiance and the lively atmosphere of the night just lure you to stay till dawn to enjoy the activities with your dear and near ones. In some reputed nightclubs, you can even watch the graceful performances of flamenco dancers.
  • You can watch live Jazz performances – You can get the tickets from online Miami touring event organizations. Some popular nightclubs like E11EVEN Miami arrange such events in their own premises thus check out on their website.

If you favor tasting range of mouth-watering dishes, then there are Late night food Miami offers in food joints spread all over the touring spots of Miami. You just need to stroll around and taste your preferred favorite food.