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Although there is hardly any difference between renting and chartering a boat there is a subtle difference with regards to their size, usage, and experience. Whether rented or chartered, in both cases boats are reserved from the owner in return of money.

Rented Boat

In case of rented boat, the size of the boat is usually small. They can be rented for a few hours or for a day. When we rent a boat, we just get the boat without any other facility. One must carry all the necessities like food, safety gears, water sports equipment, refreshments and so on, along with being one’s own captain.

However, there are exceptions in case of some rentals like the Houseboat, which is large in size, is like a recreational vehicle, and can be rented for longer period of time (on weekly basis).

Chartered Boat

In case of Chartered boats, the size of the boats is large; for example, large Yachts. They can be rented for a longer period of time ranging from a week to more. There are many kinds of Charters depending on the specific activity and price. They are as follows:

  • Crewed Charters – In these Charters, the details and driving of the boats are done by the crew. In case of a smaller boat, there might just be a captain whereas a bigger one would have many crew members.
  • Bareboat Charters – These are the most common chartered boats wherein we have to reserve a boat from a charter company and be partially or wholly at the helm of affairs of the function of the boat. The charter companies offer facilities like the selection of the vessel for the required dates, give explanations on the equipment and workings of the boat, providing charts, briefing of hazards and attractions and so on.
  • Fishing Charters – These can be a serious week of offshore adventure or just an action-filled evening.

Speaking of fishing Charters, if you plan on visiting the Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands, the services rendered by the Grand Cayman private charter might be useful for you. Its experienced hands-on owner and the local and knowledgeable crew might prove to be the best guide for your ultimate experience. You can visit their website  for further details.

  • Yacht Charters – A true yacht charter would be a lavishly crewed yacht over 80 feet. It is usually inclusive of food, beverages, fuel and so on along with a Captain, chef and other crew members.
  • Cabin Charters – These kinds of chartered boats have many cabins and one can reserve cabins instead of the whole boat.

 The decision to rent a boat or charter a boat depends on the specific requirements and the length of stay. Cost is also a deciding factor. Another factor which needs to be considered is privacy and the want to experience being the captain and being at the helm of affairs. Depending on all these factors and others specific to the individual needs, one can conclude as to whether to rent or charter a boat.


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