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When you decide to visit Bucharest, Romania, it can be difficult to decide just what to do. Some things will seem obvious – checking out the history of Dracula, view the Carpathian Mountains and visit the UNESCO sites. All of those will make for a great day out, but there is so much more that you can do after that.

The Red City tour –Bucharest’s communist past

The best way to find out about an event is to learn from the people who lived through it. When taking this walking tour, the guide will give you personal details of what it was like for them and their families, including how the education and media were affected along with the jokes that got them through. The tour lasts for 3 hours, with 2½ of them spent walking the city where you can: –

  • View the communist architecture such as The Palace of the Free Press, the private home of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife and the Central Palace which was the home of the Romanian Communist Party the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Learn about the relocation of 13 of the churches by digging to the foundations and placing the churches on rollers and moving them to their new home.
  • Soak in the atmosphere in the square where democracy was brought back

Hidden Bucharest

After the tourist attractions you can visit the area where locals live and love. Old Bucharest offers astounding gardens, diverse architecture and art that brighten up the place. After that, you can site and enjoy the surroundings while eating cake, drinking coffee and watching the locals go by. It’s the perfect way to get to know the culture of the city.

Jewish Heritage Tour

Let a local guide take you through the Jewish Quarter and pass on their knowledge of the way of life for the Jewish residents of Bucharest through the ages. Among the buildings you will be shown are:

  • Holy Union Synagogue
  • Choral Temple
  • Jewish State Theatre
  • Museums

Lasting 2½ hours, you will be able to learn so much about a forgotten part of the City and the people who lived there.

Village Museum and Wine Tasting Tour

You will be collected and taken to the reconstructed village. It is not too different from the homelife many Romanians still remember. Learn about the folklore and notice the differing regional buildings. All village life is there – the homes, the churches, watermills and some long-ended events such as road crucifixes. After experiencing the village, you can relax with local wine, sausages and cheese in the City’s finest wine bar. It doesn’t matter what wine knowledge you have, there will be something to learn and plenty to enjoy.

Vespa City Tours

A great way to see the city is on a Vespa and with this tour you have 2 hours to take in the sites. You will be able to see:

  • The Romanian Peasant Museum
  • Free Press Square
  • Charles De Gaulle Square
  • Palace of the Parliament
  • Handsome Monk Coffee
  • Grand Café van Gogh
  • Victoriei Square

Whichever tours in Bucharest you choose, you will be doing something exiting with the day and still having time to relax for the rest of the day.


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