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In today’s age of technology, everyone’s eyes are glued to a screen. Evencelebrating special occasions involves a phone, an iPad, or some sort of device. While it may be fun to binge-watch your favorite movies in front of some kind of monitor, why not spend it outdoors where you canmake memories with friends and family?

Here are some of the most recommended activities from the best girl and best boy birthday parties in Cumming, GA.

World Play: Laser Tag

Using infrared technology and sensors,laser tag is an all-time favorite for people of all ages. You get to escape the day and challenge your friends in an arenawhere youcan imagine a whole new world. Take it up a notch by adding extra challenges or bonus shooting tags to gain ammunition upgrades. The only constant rule is when the players’ sensors are all out, they’ll be eliminated from the game.

Color Clash: Paintball

Paintball is similar to laser tag. Instead of infrared, your ammo is made of gelatin capsules with water-soluble, biodegradable, eco-friendly materials. When the “bullets” are fired, the capsule splits and leaves a brightly-colored mark on the target player. The main goal: don’t get hit or you’ll be eliminated. Form teams with your friends and create a game plan to capture the opponent’s flag.

Mixed Times with Arcade Games

One of the best birthday party venues is the arcade. Some places have a mix of new and retro games that appeal to all ages. Get your cardio workout with the classic Dance Dance Revolution or boogie down with a sensor activated Wii stage. You can also choose the dot-gulping Pac-Man or shoot zombies in The Walking Dead, featuring a crossbow controller.

Ten-Pin Knockdown: Bowling

Divide yourselves into teams of two or just two groups, whatever you prefer. Each member from both teams should take turns knocking down the pins. Whoever gets the highest score at the end, wins! To up the ante, place a bet: whichever side loses after the tenth frame buys food for everyone. You’re sure to enjoy scoring strikes and “talking trash” as part of friendly competition.

Ready… Get Set… Go Kart!

If you and your friends have “lead feet” or love adrenaline, then a go-kart venue will be the perfect place for your special day. There’s a variety of tracks with various difficulty levels. You can play in brackets against each other and whoever gets the top spot wins a prize of their choice, so choose your kart carefully. Out-pace, out-maneuver, and out-race your friends in this rush-filled activity.

These are some exciting and unforgettable activities that you can enjoy. And who knows? Your celebration may be one of the best girl and best boy birthday parties in Cumming, GA. They’re proof that you can have as much fun offline as you can online.