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A Taco is an authentic Mexican dish consisting of Wheat or corn tortilla. The tortilla is folded and eaten by your hand. Different stuffing is used in its filling which includes beef, chicken, pork, vegetables, seafood, cheese etc. and topping is usually done with salsa, lime juice, sour cream, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, chilies, etc. This food has gained popularity throughout the world.

Harriet’s Inn in South Minneapolis is a restaurant and a bar. It offers different choices for lunch and dinner. It also provides a weekend brunch menu. It serves all the local food and beverages to its customers. You can enjoy here Twin Cities’ best tacos at affordable prices. The tacos are available in different varieties which you can relish to your satisfaction.

Types of Tacos

De Hoyo

It is made in a hole in the ground. There are three categories which are popular in this type. Barbacoa, mixiotes and cochinita pibil come in different flavors. Barbacoa is wrapped in banana leaves. As the meat cooks, it releases its juice which increases its flavor.

Cochinita Pibil preparation is the same as barbacoa. This is made with pork and seasoning done with orange juice. The mixiote is made with any type of vegetables or meat and garnished with spices.


This is made from pork. Traditionally, it is made by seasoning pork with the herbs, orange juice, and salt. All the ingredients are put in the water in a copper vessel and are fried with the pork. Taco is very delicious and everyone enjoys it.

Al Pastor

Al Pastor is an exquisite delicacy. The meat which is a mixture of pork and beef is seasoned with axiote and red peppers to give it a reddish color. After seasoning, the meat is put on a stick. This rotates till all the meat is cooked properly. The tacos are served in mini tortillas, along with onion, coriander leaves sauce and a piece of pineapple.


These are served in corn and flour tortillas. The filling which is used depends on the restaurant you visit. The popular ones are fried battered fish with sauce. Depending on the cook several varieties can be made.


Placero is the simplest type of taco. It is cheaper and has some pieces of avocado slices, prickly pear, fresh cheese, and sauce. You can get the maximum flavor in this type of taco.


This is also the cheapest type of tacos. The filling is done with beans, potatoes chicharrón. It is cooked in steam. These are assembled in a basket which is called “canasta in Spanish”. In this way, these can be kept warm for a longer duration.


Barbecue is made on a grill. The ingredients are beef steaks, chorizo, longaniza (sausage) pearl onions and peppers. These are mostly eaten during the family get together. This is the best way of spending quality time with your loved ones.

Fried tacos

This is one of the most popular types of tacos. Fried tacos are rolled ones that are fried dep in the oil. The filling is mainly chicken, potatoes, beef. These are served with fresh cheese, chopped onions, sour cream sauce, and lettuce.


Although there is a large variety in tacos, the list gives you an idea about the most popular ones. Tacos can be made with a number of ingredients. So, there are many options to prepare this mouthwatering delicacy, which fulfills the temptation of eating the traditional dish.