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Memphis is a vast metropolitan city located in the Southeast part of the US. It is 2nd largest city of Tennessee State. Traveler’s must-visit destination is the Elvis Presley mansion in Graceland. Memphis is also the homeland of the Blues. Its uniqueness is a combination of its well-preserved vintage charm and modern style development.

2019 crime rate overview

Memphians have been working towards making the neighborhoods of their town safe. However, in terms of safety, the overall risk has decreased. The TBI {Tennessee Bureau of Investigation} statistic shows a significant drop in crime rates in the first six months of 2019. There was a decline in major property crimes like motor vehicle thefts, burglaries, and thefts.

  1. There was a drop of 7.5% property crimes and 13.8% in burglaries as compared to the 2018 statistics.
  2. Domestic violence reports also showed a decline of 7% in 2018.
  3. Moreover, the robbery rate dropped by 18.1% and the rape rate declined by 21.4% in Memphis

Unfortunately, aggravated assaults increased by 8.2% and murders escalated by 14.5% in Memphis. The total major violent crimes escalated by 1% in Memphis but dropped 0.7% throughout Shelby County.

The overall crime report from TBI states that there is a drop of 6.6% in Memphis city and 7.5% across the country. 

The significance of Operation: Safe Community

Visit, where you can see how the Operation: Safe Community [OSC] got organized to reduce violent crime in Memphis and Shelby County. It is a plan developed by government leaders, business & academia, and law enforcement.

OSC was a module that was used successfully in Boston, where crime rates were spiking. Instead of strictness for law enforcement, plans for counseling, education, and jobs were laid. Thus OSC works towards youth violence reduction and in its next coming years highlights to expand and strengthen prevention, mediation, and return efforts towards a safe and prosperous community goal.

The 5 goals of OSC are –

  1. Reduce gang & drug crime
  2. Dampen violence in homes
  3. Lessen blight, property dilemmas, and apartment crimes
  4. Decrease adult repeat offense
  5. The decline in youth violence

Through strategies like prevention, intervention, and suppression Memphis and Shelby have experienced a great decline in major violent and property crimes.

Crime dynamics

  • In 2001, 2005, & 2007, Memphis got ranked as the second most dangerous city in the US.
  • In 2006, Memphis held a top position in violent crimes.
  • In 2008 and 2009 there was a decline as per the FBI’s crime report.
  • In 2014 violent crime decreased by 6.4% and non-violent by 16.3%.
  • In 2016, violent crimes increased by 4.1% but the property crimes declined by 1.3%.
  • In 2018, violent crime dropped by 4.2% when compared to the previous year.

Thus you can see how in the last several years the crime rates have been decreasing slowly in comparison to its previous year. The statistics make the community in Memphis feel encouraged because violent crime is declining, especially crimes related to robbery, domestic violence, and rape. However, there is still work needed for juvenile offenses for community safety.