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Driving and safety go hand in hand. Though only those who hold a license are allowed to drive on the road, there are different types of drivers. A license isn’t unfortunately always associated with driving responsibly. With the rise in the number of car crashes, educating everyone about safe-driving is very essential.

Enrol in a Safer Drivers Course with Ltrent Driving School.  Their trainers ensure the class is informative, fun and engaging. The course is designed to help learner drivers become a safer driver. The curriculum covers safety instructions that may not have been covered at your driving classes including speed management, hazard awareness and safe following distance.

Why do I need to take this course when I’ve already taken up driving classes?

The course isn’t to be confused with regular learner driving lessons. The latter focuses on technical requirements of driving while the former is about making the young drivers aware about the risks, they are likely to face on road and providing guidance to handle complex situations. The students learn techniques to perceive hazards and ways to handle them.

Requirements to attend the course:

  • $150 fee
  • Hold a Learner’s license
  • Less than 25 years
  • Completed at least 50 log book hours (excluding bonus hours) with night driving included

The course emphasizes on the importance of low-risk driving and imparts them the knowledge to apply skills that help them in handling real-life scenarios. The course duration is 5 hours and includes 2 modules namely:

Module 1 (Theory):  

  • Three-hour peer group discussion among 10 to 12 learner drivers
  • Explores strategies that can be applied to become a safer driver
  • The trainer shows videos and conducts activities to keep the session engaging

Module 2 (Practical):

Two-hour practical driving sessions with 2 learner drivers and a trainer

  • Apply the learning’s from module 1 when driving
  • A number of drives on a set route
  • The drives focus on eliminating major crash types that generally occur

Earn credit hours:

In general drivers are required to complete 120 hours of supervised driving before applying for provisional license. Completing this additional course will automatically add 20 hours of credit to your log book. You’ll need to complete only 100 more hours of supervised driving.

The course is to be taken only once and the credits are applied only once. Students who take 10 hours of professional driving lessons are further granted 20 more hours of credit.

Pressing need for the safer driver’s program:

The course is exclusively designed for learner license holders who are under 25.  Statistics reveal that P1 drivers under 25 are at a higher risk of accidents. The first 6 months after obtaining the P1 license is considered to be the riskiest. With more supervised learning and awareness about safe driving techniques, it is possible to lower the occurrence of accidents.

When you are behind the wheel anything can happen in a split second. Being aware of the low-risk driving techniques guarantees safety and effectively influences the student’s future habits.