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Over-speeding is one of the top causes of accidents. Safe driving saves time and money and keeps the road a safe place for everyone. Over-speeding may get you all excited, but it is illegal by law. Every country has different speed limits and imposes fines for people crossing the speed limit.

Over-speeding in Australia:

Speeding isn’t taken lightly in Australia. In states like New South Wales, heavy fines get issued when a driver exceeds the speed limit by 10%, whereas in Victoria the rules are stricter. Fine amounts typically vary between states and vehicle types. Speeding can even get your license suspended.

Remember that driving fast isn’t the best way to reach the destination. Abide by the road rules. Enroll with reputable driving schools to have an in-depth understanding of all maneuvers, road rules, right driving practices, etc. If you are looking for Balaclava driving lessons, download the online booking app of Pass First Go driving school to make your booking.

They are one of the top driving schools in the area. Their booking app lets you choose your preferred driving instructor and lists out available class timings. Their instructors would teach you how to be in better control of your vehicle and keep your speed in check. It helps you to keep your demerit points to a minimum.

Speeding and demerit points:

After a person receives their license, they get 0 demerit points. Every time you get caught speeding, your demerit score goes up. The demerit score varies depending on:

  • The type of driving license
  • Type of traffic zone
  • State in which the offense is committed
  • Whether it is a public holiday

If your demerit point reaches a certain value, you’ll have the option choose between having your license suspended and agreeing to stay on the road without getting yourself into further offenses the following 12 months. These demerit points expire 3 years after the offense date.

Ways to avoid fines:

There are ways to avoid earning demerit points and fines. At times the police officers can let you off the hook with just a warning. You’ll need to know the right words to use. Lame excuses are a sure-shot way to get you booked. You could try the following:

  • Be honest and calm: You don’t have to get defensive. You have to remain calm and state an honest or believable excuse. There’s no guarantee that you would escape with just a warning by pretending calm, but this is your best shot.
  • Confidently challenge: Deny speeding. The words you use can get you in trouble during a court hearing. If the officer asks you how fast you were driving, state the speed limit. The officers only make visual estimates of speed, which you can challenge later on in court.
  • Frustrate and avoid: If you skip attending court hearings citing different reasons, but continue to proclaim your innocence. However, you will not be convicted, but assumed to be at fault.
  • Proof of clean driving record: If you have a clean driving record, you can show it as proof, and maybe the officer could shower mercy.

The best way to avoid getting a ticket is by staying within the speed limit. Pay attention to the speed limit of the roads, and if you aren’t sure about the limit drive within the maximum speed limit deemed by your state.