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The foyer is the first place where your guests step in when they visit your home. For grand entryways at your homes, you must give the foyer the best treatment. You must feel good when you visit your home and a well-designed foyer will be of great help. It makes the person understand what your home will look like from the inside.

For example, if the interior of your home is designed in a rustic style, the foyer must represent the character and create an impression of a rural look in the mind of the visitor. What can you do to make your foyer look good? Well, a dull and dim foyer will create a negative impression. The first thing you need is good lighting.

A foyer chandelier is a perfect option for a well-lit and sophisticated style entrance to bring positive vibes in the mind of the visitor. You must buy the perfect chandelier to match your style and space, but from where?

Sofary lighting is one of the best online lighting stores where you can buy the perfect chandelier for your entrance. Their lights and services are top quality and are highly affordable. What’s better when they also have a return and refund policy if you are not satisfied with the product. Buy best chandeliers for foyer, visit:

How to choose?

  • Distance between floor and chandelier: According to professionals, your chandelier must be at least 7 feet above the floor. If your ceiling is 8-foot-high, make sure you buy a small one to maintain the standard distance from the floor. Nobody would like to bump into a chandelier when they enter your home.
  • Diameter: You need to consider the length and width of your room and converting it into inches to find the proper diameter for your chandelier fixture. If your foyer is 10ft by 10 ft in size, then it is 20 ft in total. Hence, the right diameter of your foyer chandelier must be 20 inches for the perfect look.

You can add 2-3 inches more if yours is a two-story foyer.

  • Height of chandelier fixture: It gets determined by the height of the room. According to professionals, the chandelier fixture must be 2-3 inches of height for each foot of the height of the ceiling. Say, yours is a 10 ft high ceiling, then your chandelier can be anywhere between 20-30 inches of height.
  • Fixture illumination: You can get different levels of illumination from different light fixtures. How to find the perfect one for you? Use this formula: Multiply your room length with the width and that total with 1.5, (room length*width of the room)*1.5. It will give you the idea of how much wattage does the combined bulbs in your ceiling fixture require.
  • Style: Your chandelier must match the style of the overall interior of your home. If your home is of a rustic style, then you must choose a vintage design.
  • Positioning: Chandeliers for a two-story foyer with windows must be positioned at the vertical center of the window space.