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It is inevitable that most of you find it quite difficult to manage your lip health during winter, in dry weather or sudden seasonal changes. You may face problems like dry and chapped lips, cold sore, irritation, and even bleeding at certain times. The worst part of it is that nothing seems to work for a long run. All the lip balms and cream you use only gives you temporary relief.

Unlike any other convenient lip balm, you would be surprised to know the CBD lip balm benefits that can improve the health of your lip and at the same time provide you relief from dry lips problems. Top quality CBD skin care company like Allueur uses all-natural ingredients for its products and all of them use extracts from organically grown hemp from USA. They provide third party lab test reports in support of their product’s quality. So, you can trust it without any worry.

Why Is CBD Lip Balm More Effective?

We all have experience with different kinds of lip balm while trying to find the one which works the best. No matter how much you try it is very difficult to find a wholesome product. However, why CBD lip balm fits the criteria? Here is how –

  • It has antibacterial property. It solves the problem of irritation and infection from bacteria. The exposed dry and chapped skin is more vulnerable to infections, which further deteriorate the condition.
  • CBD has high anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. This is why it helps to reduce the pain and irritation caused by inflammation of the damaged lips.
  • We often neglect our lips as we apply sunscreen to our face and other exposed area. It is likely that lip skin gets damaged by sun exposure which can be quite harmful. CBD lip balms contain antioxidants which can rejuvenate the cells. For best results use full spectrum CBD product as it contains other useful cannabinoids, terpenes and nutrients like vitamins and omegas. These are all extremely beneficial for your health.
  • CBD lip balm uses CBD oil as one of the active ingredients. It helps in retaining the moisture in the lips for a long duration making the lips smooth, supple and plump.
  • CBD lip balm also uses various other moisturizing ingredients to give you enhanced moisturizing experience.

Healthy Habits to Protect Your Lips

  • Dry lips make you lick them often. But, let me tell you, this isn’t the right way to moisturize your lips. Rather, it becomes drier.
  • Use a moisturizing lip balm for sun protection.
  • Drink plenty of water. Decrease in water level in the body dries your skin faster.
  • Avoid any skin care product with chemicals.
  • Use a humidifier in home or office to avoid dry heat. It will give you relief if you are very sensitive to dry weather and your skin is prone to get dry and chapped.
  • The most important step is to maintain a well-balanced diet for overall health and better immunity.