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Sydney Harbor is a marine playground with 240+ kilometers of coastline. So, it is popular as a ‘Harbor City’. It even has a lot of other ways to enjoy on foot. The sheltered Harbor waters reveal their irresistible charms and the seafront neighborhood is buzzing. The shores have some best beaches and scenic coastal paths, whereas there is whale watching between May to November.

Best way to explore the Sydney Harbor

On a water taxi

Sydney water taxis navigate deftly across the harbor every day. From Circular Quay, you will find major transport options like water taxis, public ferries, trains, and other road transportations.

Traveling on an H2O water taxi, you can enjoy the sights of bridges, embankments, and facades from a different angle. However, never forget to see the popular landmarks from the land and above. If you are a person that wants to be away from large crowds or desire to spend some get-together sight-seeing time with friends or family then hire a private water taxi.

You even get a chance to plan your journey and explore hidden gems across Sydney Harbor. Bring your alcohol and snacks. You decide when to stop for a break or lunch at some beachfront terrace restaurant. You get your money worth from water taxi rentals.

On a ferry

It is a public transport network that takes you efficiently from one destination to another. These chugging beauties glide at a leisure pace allowing you to enjoy the wonders across the harbor. There are several ferry routes you can choose from.

  • Manly ferry
  • Cross-harbor ferry
  • Parramatta Rivercat
  • Taronga Zoo

Ferries are cheap and a great option for tourists on a budget to explore Sydney harbor and land.

On a boat

Sydney Harbor is a platform, where you can experience boating traffic. There are self-charter services; you can choose to go for a nautical adventure. Jet boats are great fun for teens as the ride is speedy and makes everyone wet. If you feel extra adventurous sit in the front. There are the dining cruises you can choose to get a good view of the beautiful skyline view of Sydney Harbor.

At the waterfront bar

Sydney sunset watching is awesome. Looking at the widest expanse of blue with an ice-cold beer or mocktail in your hand sounds relaxing. You can stop at the Bavarian in Manly or the Opera Bar or the Quay, to watch the stunning blue backdrop.

From an outdoor pool

Sydney takes pride in its outdoor pool collection, especially the ones on the edge of the water. McCallum offers the best view. Alternatively, North Sydney Olympic lies in the Harbor Bridge shadows offering the unparalleled sight of the Luna Part and iconic Opera House.

Swim at beaches

The harbor beaches are calm than ocean-side beaches. The waves bob gently, so are great for families. At Camp Cove, you can take a swim and walk to Watson’s bay for snacks. You can even try waterfront sports like paddle boating at Balmoral Beach. At Spit Bridge hire kayaks and explore the middle harbor kayaking.