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If you are planning to visit an exotic place then you may consider visiting Maldives. You will find sparkling oceans surrounded by swaying palms and nowhere else on this earth, you will find white sand and a photogenic island like the magical Maldives.

You will get a once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience by visiting this destination having luxury resorts that will offer you a really tropical climate and a memorable stay. However, it will be good to do research so that you know about the best flights as well as the perfect place to stay while you are in Maldives.

You can also avail yourself of Finolhu Maldives all inclusive package facility while you plan to make a visit to the Maldives and get in touch with the Zeldiva to get necessary support while staying on this island.

How you can reach Maldives?

Various flights from different countries will arrive at the airport called  Male International Airport, which is on Hulhulé Island. Various airlines have their services to this island like:

  • Emirates
  • Air France
  • Air India
  • Qatar Airways
  • China Eastern
  • Saudi
  • Air Asia X

Air Asia X will also offer a discounted direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to the Maldives. As there are no flights available directly from the U. S. to the Maldives, hence you have to stop at a certain place while taking a flight for the Maldives.

You can get connecting flights from Dubai or Singapore. In case you are interested to explore multiple countries then you can plan your vacation accordingly.

Weather and seasons of the Maldives

In Maldives, you will find tropical warm weather throughout the year. You will find a few rare occasions when the temperatures can ever go below 75°F. The sea temperature will fluctuate between 26°F to 29°F for the whole year.

Although there are no 2 distinct weather seasons – usually the low season begins from the month of May and continues till November. The high season starts from the month of December and continues till April.

During the high season, the temperature, as well as the rates will be higher. The December and January months are very popular because many people from western countries prefer to escape from the cold and want to celebrate their holidays on certain sandy shores.

For those who like sunshine, then the month between February and March, you will get the longest sun hours consistently for each day. Rarely you will find all-day downpours during this high season. However, you may often get a brief shower that can clear up a bit of the humidity.

If you visit when it is low season, then you can expect rainfall days may often remain overcast. May is the time when the low season begins and on average, 15 days in a month there can be rain.

During August month, the climate remains cloudier. If you book during the season when it is off-peak then you can save lots of money on your accommodation and flights. Also, crowds are less during this time.